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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Remove Crimewatch PUP Step by Step

Is your computer infected with Crimewatch PUP? Have no idea to get rid of Crimewatch PUP? In this post, you can get more information about Crimewatch and the useful tips to get rid of Crimewatch.

Description of Crimewatch

Crimewatch Ads  is an adware program which will endorse inline ads through web search results at the end or at the right side of the page. This adware aims to help the cyber criminals to earn fund. Crimewatch PUP will redirect the users to commercial domain and websites.  Crimewatch PUP  an come into the computer along with  freeware, shareware and other software updates.  The malicious traits of Crimewatch PUP:

It can terminate several executable processes or applications on the computer.
It will slow down the internet connection and PC performance in a large scale.
It will displays misleading pop ups or advertisements to trick the computer users.
It will alter windows registry, modify system settings as well as browser settings.
It will violate system security and steals the private and confidential data.

Disable and Remove - Guide to Get Rid of

In recent days, some computer users complained that their computer has the problem:

When I try to click on site, there is a site that comes up named I don't know how it got on my computer I tried to find in my programs to delete it but its not in there. I need to know how to get it off my computer. 

Help! When I am in Google Search, Gmail or doing anything within the my Google Browser, I continually get redirected to this:!p&component=displaysettings
I have tried everything I could think of to remove this but still I cannot get rid of this.

In this post, you can get the removal guide to get rid of

Description of

Guide to Remove Tuneup Pro - How to Get Rid of Fake Antivirus Program

Tuneup Pro is driving me mad, please HELP me get rid of it. No worries, in this post, there will be the removal guide to get rid of Tuneup Pro from the computer.

Description of Tuneup Pro

Tuneup Pro is an  rogue antivirus program created by the cyber criminals to make profits.  This rogue can be downloaded from its official website, but most of the time, it gets into the computer through the tech of bundling.  Tuneup Pro pretends to be a useful PC health scanning,  this is a fake program which will display false warning message to scare the computer users into believing their computer is infected with many viruses. In this case, the sue may ask help from its tech support or purchase it programs.

How to Remove Adfocus From the Computer Completely - Removal Tips

Recently some computer users complain that their browser is infected with Adfocus. In this post, there will be the illustration and the tips to remove Adfocus.

Hi, I have suffered some damn virus I think.  Usually when surfing around the net and the popups either start talking at me telling me how " is a revolutionary way to make money on the internet" amongst many others. I have no idea how I can get rid of this. Help me!  

Description of Adfocus 

Adfocus is a browser extension or adware usually caused by potentially unwanted program (PUP). This adware is specifically created by the cyber criminals to make profits. Usually Adfocus gets into the computer along with some unsafe free software that you can download from the internet. It can also get into the computer after you click on some malicious links or websites. After Adfocus gets into the computer, it will change the browser setting to take control of the browser. It will inject its add-on, plug-in on your browser. When you open the Internet or surf the website, it will pop up automatically on your screen.

How to Remove - Removal Guide

Recently, some computer users have encountered a malicious malware of and many others. Just like the screenshot showing as below:

In this post, you can get more information about and the useful tips to get rid of

Description of Http://

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Remove TrojWare.JS.Agent.JL Step by Step

Some computer users complain that their computer is infected with malware. And their antivirus detect the information as below:

SHA1: b95ca7022414dfa722e8777525a893a2affd8372 
Name: TrojWare.JS.Agent.JL
Site blacklisted and probably compromised. benign

Brief Introduction about TrojWare.JS.Agent.JL

TrojWare.JS.Agent.JL is a Trojan virus which can get into your computer without your permission and awareness along with the  link. If you click the link by accotianlly whe surf the Internet, you will get the TrojWare.JS.Agent.JL virus automatically. After installing on the computer successfully, it is capable to change the computer system setting such as registry entries and system files. Once the computer starts, it will  run automatically at the background and take up a lot of system resources. You will fins that your computer runs very slowly.

Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Remove Yahoo! Search - Delete dsrlte.exe and dsrlte.setup

I am getting "dsrlte.exe"/"dsrlte.setup" on my taskbar frequently. As I understood this software enhances the advertisement. But I do not want ads while surfing. Can I remove this software ? How do I remove it ?

In this post, you can get more information about dsrlte.exe and dsrlte.setup. You can also get the useful tips to get rid of dsrlte.exe and dsrlte.setup.

Description of dsrlte.exe

Dsrlte.exe Ads  and dsrlte.setup are digitally signed and developed by Pay By Ads LTD. dsrlte.exe is usually located in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\pay-by-ads\yahoo!search\\' folder. Some of the anti-virus scanners detected dsrlte.exe as Paybyads.340, Virus.Win32.Heur.n, Adware.Toolbar.251, a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Montiera.K, PUP.Optional.PayByAds.A, Artemis!BA73D8DC5DD1, Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT, etc. Usually this kind of adware can gets into your computer after you download some free software from the suspicious resources, such as Java update, Video update, Browser update,  rogue antivirus programs and many other free programs from hacked websites which bundle with the adware package.