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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to Get Rid of Hijacker from Google and Firefox?

If you are opening this page now, chances that you have been annoyed by the issue. Seems you may have thought what operations you done recently lead to Have you downloaded Downware in your computer? Or other freeware? Please read this article and it will give you what you want to know.

The Description of (from Hohosearch LLC) is a browser hijacker which is able to change your browser settings. The targeted public is mainly from Asia except China, Japan and India, because its redirect-gateway version is nearly same to Google and only made into an English version. Why it hijackers your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? The test shows it is installed on people’s computer
through free application of Downware and FourFinders which carries with bundling software. What’s more, your add-ons manager may appear two items called HohoSearch Enhancer and HohoSearch Toolbar which are added to control over your browsers without your permission. It also sneaks in the background when you are surfing Internet. Thus, every Web page you visit can be redirected to those harmful sites, and on the users frequently get the search results from Bing and Yahoo as well.

You should have a trusted anti-malware software to stop hijacker going inside your PC.

Method: Remove Automatically 

Step 1 Download and Install SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a powerful virus detection and removal tool that can provide the latest updates for virus database. Furthermore, when you meet some illegal website or plug-in occasionally, you will be immediately notified and SpyHunter also helps you remove them. 

1. Click the below link and then click on Run button to download SpyHutner.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and remove all suspicious processes.

Step 2 Download and Install RegCure

The RegCure Pro is an optimizing tool which is fast and efficient in removing registry or cookies hijacked by unknown websites.

1. Click the below link and then click on Save File button to download RegCure.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and clean all unnecessary items.


Note: You can enjoy the free scan of SpyHunter and RegCure firstly. If you have questions when downloading, you can consult customer service staff.

Warm tip: SpyHunter 4.0 has an ability to scan deep into computer system and remove viruses thoroughly. Due to the importance of Root Directory, it is hazardous to use manual methods.

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