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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The 0800-015-4654 Tool-free Phone Line Is a Scam? - How to Remove 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups?

Did you meet with a window asking you call 0800-015-4654? You think it hard to remove and very annoying? Have you tried any methods but ended with failure? If you still have no idea how to remove it, this post gives you what you want.

What is 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups?

The 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups are supported by a technical service scam. In order to make more people tricked, the pup-up windows are made into a resembling state of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). However, if you think your computer are stuck in a serious system error and try to call this number, you will be guided to pay money for fixing the issue caused by 0800-015-4654 program. Yes, 0800-015-4654 is controlled by a bad program which embedded malicious JavaScript code into the pup-up. A user encounter with one, there will be a notification like:

Please contact microsoft technicians At Toll Free 0800-015-4654
To Immediately Rectify issue to prevent Data Loss
CALL TOLL-FREE 0800-015-4654'

The messages above are varied according to your location. Most importantly, you can see this note is hosted on a domain of which is a phishing site, and there many similar ones which are listed below:


Manual Methods to Remove 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups

Step 1 Remove 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups from Task Manager

1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” (for Window 7) or “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” (for Window 8) together to open Task Manager. (or you right click the taskbar and choose Start Task Manager)

2. Please find related programs about 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups. You should click End Process to prevent it occupying high CPU usage.

Step 2 Remove Dubious Programs

1. Open your Start Menu and start Control Panel.

2. In the page of Control Panel, please find the Programs and Features and click on it.

3. Find out the programs relative to 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups and right click on it and then Uninstall.

The Automatic Methods to Remove 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups

Step 1 Download Anti-virus Software - SpyHunter

1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the below link.

 2. Run the file.exe by clicking Run.

Spy run this file

 3. After it is done, double click SpyHunter icon. In the interface of SpyHunter click the Scan Computer Now!

start new scan

 4. The results of scanning come out. You will see the computer threats list. Tick Select All and then click Fix Threats.

fix threats

 Note: The SpyHunter is free for virus scan. If you want to remove the threats, you need to purchase SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

After removing suspicious programs, having the RegCure can help you clean history records, temp files, and changed settings generated by 0800-015-4654 Pup-ups.

Step 2 Download Optimizer of RegCure

 1. Click the link below to download RegCure.

  Download RegCure Pro

 2. Click Save File to save the file.exe.

  save file

 3. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.


 4. After the installation is successful, double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

  alt=Regcure Install

 5. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the threats. Now, don't hestate to click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.

  regcure fix all

 Note: The RegCure is free for issues scan. If you want to fix these issues, you need to purchase RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner by registering.

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