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Friday, September 2, 2016

Remove Ransomware (Masterlock Ransomware) – Restore Encoded Files

What Is Ransomware?

The Ransomware belongs to Crysis family of encryption malware. The algorithm it used is a combination of RSA and AES. It may be spread to web visitors via spam emails that attached a Trojan file. It is said that there are direct phishing sites which lead users to download Ransomware. Beware those suspicious links and attachments in case being caught in the trap of ransomware virus.
As its name suggests, the email of is used by con artist to contact with infected users. Some users’ computers have had the ransom wallpaper which is from this email. The picture displays as: a lock on a blue desktop; and there is a message like:


It is researched that the '' Ransomware mainly encrypts the databases and HTML resources, for instance, SQL information and Windows Server 2016 systems.

In addition, the victims are asked to pay 3 Bitcoins (about $1,710) to restore their archives which are appended the .id-[eight random characters].{}.crypt suffix extension.
That means your files are coded and you can move, copy or delete them but cannot read them. The hacker exactly utilizes these characters to impel their ransom activies.

Security experts do not suggest people to pay ransom because it is possible that hackers do not give you a decryption key while victims also lose a sum of money. Use the Shadow Volume Copies may help you get back a part of your recourses. Or you use a reputable anti-virus tool to remove '' Ransomware.

Method: Remove Ransomware Automatically 

SpyHunter has the ability to detect dubious rootkits and remove them. It also develops function to restore databases files. 

Step 1 Download and Install SpyHunter

1. Click the below link and then click on Run button to download SpyHutner.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and remove all suspicious processes.

Step 2 Download and Install RegCure

1. Click the below link and then click on Save File button to download RegCure.
2. Have a full scan for your computer now and clean all unnecessary items.

Note: You can enjoy the free scan of SpyHunter and RegCure firstly. If you have questions when downloading, you can consult customer service staff.

After removing virus, SpyHunter and RegCure will ask you to reboot computer. For this moment, your computer problems are solved after you reboot.

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