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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Remove Completely – Removal Guide

If you are fed up with ads or pup-ups brought by and find a safe and useful method to remove it, please read the following article which will give you what you want to know.

Brief Introduction of, a redirect website, is promoted by SaferBrowser as an easy access to Watch Your TV Shows Now application which displays the latest movies and TV shows. You may think it very valuable but it is actually a browser hijacker that is amid to increase advertisement revenue.

Once it penetrates into your computer, your will be usually instructed to website no matter you open Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. To make matter worse, you will see your browser has been modified. The default search engine is changed into dubious site. What’s more, the hijacker generates the following problems:
  • It brings other adware or malware to your computer.
  • It slows down your network speed.
  • It adds useless extensions on your browser.
  • It tracks your online registry records.

Therefore, it is a must for you to clean up

Warm tips: invades the computers with the assistance of bad sites, spam emails, advertisement link, free software, or system security vulnerabilities and bugs. So don't randomly touch these source.

Methods to Remove

There are manual and automatic methods which are given below. You can choose anyone which is helpful for you.

Step 1 End the Processes from Task Manager

Ctrl+Alt+Delete > Processes >find searchwytsn.exe > End process

Step 2 Remove  Dubious Programs from Control Panel

Start button of computer > Control Panel >  Programs and Features > Find out the programs and right click on it > Uninstall.

Step 3 Remove  Dubious Extensions

Google Chrome
1.  Open More Tools list of Google and choose Extensions or Adds-on.
2.  Click the trash can icon to remove extensions or adds-on relative to
Mozilla Firefox
1.  Open Firefox Tool menu and click Adds-on.
2.  Select the Extensions or Add-ons page.
3. Remove the  add-ons relative to
Internet Explorer
1. Open IE setting menu and choose Manage adds-on.
2. Disable the adds-on relative to

Step 4 Remove  Infected Files

 1.Click Start and then click Computer. 
 2. Click Organize. there is a list. Choose Folder and search options.
 3. Click View tab.
 4. Look at the Advanced settings. Choose Show hidden files, folders and drives, and then click OK.

  show hidden folder

 5. Find the infected archives and delete them.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\eppabnboaggnncbepllcheficllnklia

If you don't have much knowledge about computer,  I suggest you do not try manual methods because it can easily damage system if an error occurs. Using reliable removal software is safe and efficient.

Download and Install SpyHunter

SpyHunter is special in removing virus, adware, malware and Trojan. It provides the latest updates for virus database. When you visit some illegal websites or plug-in occasionally, you will be immediately notified and SpyHunter also helps you remove them. 

1. Click the below link and then click on Run button to download SpyHutner.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and remove all suspicious processes.

Download and Install RegCure

RegCure Pro is easy-to-use optimizer software. It helps solve the problems of high CPU usage, temp files, junk history records and so on.

1. Click the below link and then click on Save File button to download RegCure.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and clean all unnecessary items.

Note: You can enjoy the free scan of SpyHunter and RegCure firstly. If you have questions when downloading, you can consult customer service staff.

Similar browser hijacker like is widely distributed on Internet. Your computer really needs an anti-virus tool such as SpyHunter or Malwarebytes and a computer cleaner such as RegCure.

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