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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Remove Safely and Completely is classified as a browser hijacker, and due to its low-level threat to computers, it's also belongs to the category of Potentially Unwanted Program. You may have this infection on your computer by downloading and installing freeware such as video players, download managers, and PDF creaters. The freeware is not adequately disclose and malware like is bundled with it. For example, you download a free video player from a free website, and install it after downloading finishes. For convenience, you choose Standard or Express Installation and pay no attention to the installation process, and browser hijacker is installed along with the free video player. Unlike Advanced/Custom mode installation, Standard Installation won't provide you the list of optional software attached to your download, so you are unconscious about the additional programs installed in the computer system.

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It first alters your browser settings, such as replaces the homepage, new tab page address and default search engine of Safari, Google and Firefox. Then, when you type search query into the search box to seek related results, you are not lead to the related page but suspicious websites instead. It is clearly that you are redirected, and this is the aim of browser hijacker. It redirects you to third-party or questionable websites to generate pay-per-click for its writers. In addition, this browser hijacker inserts malicious hyper links into search results, and each time you click one of the search result you add revenue to the designers. Therefore, you should delete the hijacker from computer immediately. Otherwise, further damage would be done and it's too late to regret.

Note: You should not trust in Default or Standard installation, which are marked as "recommended". Always look carefully what you are going to install, and refuse all the optional programs provided on the list. 
You can learn how to remove it from the following video


Remove Safely and Completely 

Method 1: Remove with manual steps
Method 2: Remove with automatic steps (with removal tool)

Method 1: Remove with manual steps

1.Remove from Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open “ Windows Task Manager”, then choose “ Processes”, and find and end its associated running process.

2. Uninstall from Control Panel

Click Start menu, choose Control Panel from the right side, then, under Programs, choose Unintsall a program, find Stack Player, right click and uninstall it.

Method 2: Remove with automatic steps (with removal tool

1.Download SpyHunter from here:

2.Install SpyHunter step by step

3.Run a scan on the computer after finishing installation

4.Remove all the threats detected by SpyHunter

In conclusion redirects you to malicious websites, displays numerous advertisements, steals your sensitive data, and may invites other unsafe programs. You should get rid of it without any hesitation. To delete it completely and safely, we recommend SpyHunter if you think manual steps are a little difficult for you. It's a powerful and reputable anti-spyware you can trust.

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