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Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Completely Kill Productkeyupdate

Complaint from one of the victims:

Hello. I have these alerts saying that my product key has expired. I suspect that they might be fake. The messages say to call 1-844-459- 8882. What do you think? Is my product key really expired? How can I tell? I’d be grateful for your help.

What's Productkeyupdate? Is it dangerous?

Productkeyupdate falls into the tech support scam category, and can be detected by security software. Since you know it's a fake program, you should keep in mind that everything comes from it is bogus and don't fall for it. Once it penetrates into the computer, it will present you fake alerts of  an outdated product key and provide the number 1-844-459- 8882 for help. Users who are unconscious about the scam may call it without doubt. We strongly recommend you NOT to call the tech support line, because the so-called technician will try his best to persuade you to purchase a new product key. Also, he may recommend you to buy certain fake security software to "delete viruses from your computer".

You may be frightened by the scary warmings from Productkeyupdate, and fall into panic because of  horrible, and then when you see there's a tech support line can help, you are hurry to call for help to solve the computer issues. That's what the scammers behind the virus have predicated, so they take advantage of  this weakness to tempt you fall in traps. Scammers aims to earn money from you, but not to help you fix computer threats, so you should never call them for help, even pay them money. Otherwise, you will be charged highly. Except for money lose, you may be redirected to corrupted or suspicious websites when browsing. What's more, it's possible that you are in danger of leakage of confidential information.

Remove Productkeyupdate Safely and Completely - Removal Guide

Method 1: Remove Productkeyupdate with manual steps
Method 2: Remove Productkeyupdate with automatic steps (with Productkeyupdate removal tool)

Method 1: Remove Productkeyupdate with manual steps

1.Remove Productkeyupdate Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open “ Windows Task Manager”, then choose “ Processes”, and find Productkeyupdate and end its associated running process.

2. Uninstall Productkeyupdate from Control Panel

Click Start menu, choose Control Panel from the right side, then, under Programs, choose Unintsall a program, find Productkeyupdate, right click and uninstall it.

3. Delete all the related registry entries from Regedit

Press Windows+R to open Run,  type Regedit into the search box and click OK to open Registry Editor,  find out all registry entries and delete them.

Method 2: Remove Productkeyupdatewith automatic steps (with Productkeyupdate removal tool

Step 1: remove with SpyHunter

1.Download SpyHunter from here:

2.Install SpyHunter step by step

3.Run a scan on the computer after finishing installation

4.Remove all the threats detected by SpyHunter

Step 2: Optimize with RegCure Pro

1. Download it by clicking the following the button.

 2. When the download finishes, double click its icon to install it. Then, choose System Scan to scan your computer.

3. After scanning, all the threats are successfully detected, you now can select and fix all.

In conclusion

Productkeyupdate fools you to pay money, redirects you to malicious websites, and may invites other unsafe programs. You should get rid of it without any hesitation. To delete it completely and safely, we recommend SpyHunter if you think manual steps are a little difficult for you. It's a powerful and reputable anti-spyware you can trust. After removing it, you may need an application to optimize your computer, here we take RegCure Pro for example, it's very popular among computer users, and it won't disappoint you.

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