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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remove hxxps:// Popup Step by Step (Virus Removal)

Hello.  I need help to resolve what seems to be a virus or malware on my computer. The information of the virus is showed as below: 

Object:      hxxps://
Infection:  URL: Mal
Process   C:\Windows\explorer.exe

General Information About Hxxps:// is a IP address. The following domains resolved to the given IP address:
Hxxps:// can be classified as a harmful browser extension that will pop up all most all the browsers on the compromised computers. such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, Safari..  Latest URLs hosted in this IP address detected by at least one URL scanner or malicious URL dataset. Hxxps:// will modifies your browser settings without any interaction and pop up to your browser all the time.

This pop up might be occur agfer your computer is infected with some adware or potentially unwanted prorgams. If you got this pop up on your browser, that means your computer may have been infected with other threats. You should scan your computer with your antivurs. If you don't have one, Spyhunter is a powerful and legitimate anti-spyware to be recommended here. To remove this annoying pop up, you can refer to the guide as below.

Threats of hxxps://

1) It hijacks your web browser all of a sudden.
2) It may bring with or invite other kinds of computer threats.
3) It may slows down the web browser and system greatly.
4) It offers with lots of identified links and arouse tons of irritating ads..
5) It may help cyber hackers to remotely control the computer.
6) It lead crucial information stored on the computer to be stolen by hackers.

Instructions on Removing hxxps://

Method 1: Getting rid of hxxps:// manually

Step 1: Use CTRL+ALT+DELETE together to launch Windows Task Manager for killing all hxxps:// running processes.


Step 2: Deleting hxxps:// from browser

Internet Explorer

1) Start Internet Explorer and choose “Tools “>”Manage add-ons”.
2) Choose “Toolbars and Extensions”, then find and remove related programs.

3) Restart browser to complete the whole process.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Start Firefox and choose” Tools” > “Add-ons”> ‘Extensions’.
2) Search for related items and remove them.

3) Restart Firefox to complete the process.

Google Chrome

1) Open Google Chrome and click on “Wrench” or “bar” icon in top right corner.
2) Choose “Settings” > “Extensions”, then find and delete add-ons.

3) Restart the browser to complete the whole process.

Step 3: Find and remove all infected files created by hxxps://

 %AppData%[hxxps:// Redirect]toolbardtx.ini
%AppData%[hxxps:// Redirect]toolbaruninstallIE.dat
%AppData%[hxxps:// Redirect]toolbarversion.xml 

Step 4: Delete all hxxps:// registry entries as followings:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses[hxxps:// Redirect]IEHelper.DNSGuardCurVer
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses[hxxps:// Redirect]IEHelper.DNSGuard
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses[hxxps:// Redirect]IEHelper.DNSGuard.1

Method 2: Getting rid of hxxps:// automatically

1) Download the SpyHunter by clicking the following button.


2) Start the installation by double-clicking the download file.

3) Now you need to click the “Run” button to continue the installation.

4) Next you should accept the License Agreement and click the “Next” button.

5) You need to wait until the whole installation finishes. In this process, you are not allowed to click the “Cancel” button, otherwise the executing will stop.

6) Now the installation finishes.

7) After finishing the installation, now you should click “Malware Scan” button to have a quick or full scan on your computer.”

8) Tick the “Select All” and choose the “Remove” button to eliminate the detected threats on your computer.

Guide to download Perfect Uninstaller to remove unneeded applications and speed up PC 

If you are still worried about the left over of hxxps:// and want to clean all the unwanted registry entries, or want to uninstall other specific programs, it is recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller.

Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful uninstall tool which can completely remove Adobe, Aol Toolbar, Avast, AVG, ESET NOD32, Internet Explorer 8, McAfee, Microsoft Office, Nero 7, Norton, ESET NOD32 and much more difficult to completely uninstall applications. It is better and easier way for you to completely and safely uninstall any unneeded or corrupt application that standard Windows Add/Remove applet can't remove.

A: At first, boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

To perform this procedure, please restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key until Windows Advanced Options menu shows up, then using arrow key to select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list and press ENTER to get into that mode.

safe mode with networking

B: Follow the below guide to continue.

Step 1. Install and launch Perfect Uninstaller on your PC.

Perfect Uninstaller install

Step 2.  Select "Run" to download and install Perfect Uninstaller.

run and save file

Step 3. After completely install, you can run the Perfect Uninstaller programs and see all your installed programs details.
Program Details

 Step 4. Choose the programs that you want to uninstall, click “Next” to proceed.

 Step 5. Perfect Uninstaller is scanning your PC for associated entries. Click “Next” to remove them.



Attention:  To get hxxps:// off the compromised computer thoroughly and safely, you need to have sufficient skills as the manual removal process is full of risks. But if you are not familiar with the computer program, you are better not to take a risk to remove hxxps:// manually. It is wise for you to download Anti-Malware program SpyHunter to get hxxps:// out of your computer. It will make you face less difficulty and risk. Besides, SpyHunter is effective way to remove hxxps:// Thus, it can be a preferred choice for you. You can also Download Perfect Uninstaller to help you uninstall unneeded applications and registry files that the Standard Add /Remove Program can't completely uninstall.

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