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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Remove Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 Virus

Your MSE detected Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 virus, but can't get rid of it? Still search for a reliable way to remove it? No worries, you will get helpful removal guide in this post.

Les't Know More About Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096

Type: Trojan horse

Alert level: Severe

Targeted Browsers:Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on.

Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 is a Trojan horse that may be detected by some antivirus. But this virus is created with rootkit technique so that to conceal deep on the compromised computer. It may be removed partially by antivirus for the time being, but it comes back again and again the next time you load the system. It drops lots of corrupt files in the system. As all of them could take up high computer resources. The computer performance is really poor, even freeze up randomly.

Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 virus could run in the background whenever you load the system. It exploits system vulnerabilities that opens a backdoor for remote hackers for performing scam actions like upload more computer threats, steal some private information stored on the computer, log your keystrokes made on the computer, even delete or encrypt some important files permanently. The longer you keep with such a bug, the more damage it will cause. It is highly advised you to remove it when it is found.

Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 is Really Malicious

1. It enters to computers out of any consent.
2. It may be bundled with other kinds of computer threats.
3. It makes lots of changes on the compromised computer.
4. It slows down computer performance significantly.
5. It exploits system vulnerabilities.
6. It may help cyber hackers perform some vicious actions.
7. It could root and hide deep in the system.
8. It may ruin the system with any removal delay.

Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 Removal Guide

Method 1: Manually removing Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096

1. Reboot your computer. When it reboots but before Windows launches, tap “F8″ key constantly. Then choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option.

2. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to end all  Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 virus running processes in Windows Task Manager.

3. Find and remove all corrupt files created by Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 virus :


4. Open the Registry Editor to find and delete all Registry Entries associated with Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 virus .
Click Start button> click “Run” > Input “regedit” into the Run box and click ok)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Associations "LowRiskFileTypes"=".zip;.rar;.nfo;.txt;.exe;.bat;.com;.cmd;.reg;.msi;.htm;.html;.gif;.bmp;.jpg;.avi;.mpg;.mpeg;.mov;.mp3;.m3u;.wav;"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments "SaveZoneInformation"=1

Method 2: Automatically removing Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096

1) Click the icon below to download Spyhunter freely inside.

2) Install Spyhunter Step by Step:

3) Start a full and quick scan with SpyHunter .

4) Remove detected threats.


To remove Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 manually, you are to require knowing a lot of knowledge about computer program. If you don’t want to face a risk of losing your important information, you’d better use automatic way to delete Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096. Installing Anti-Malware program SpyHunter can provide a safe and easy way to get Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0096 from your computer. 

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