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Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Remove or From Computers?

Smartwebsearch comes inside your computer system and infects your web browser? You can't remove it easily? You have tried many times to remove it, but all ended with failure? No worries, you will get reliable manual removal guide in this post.

Know More About Smartwebsearch

Smartwebsearch is a browser hijacker that could be installed along with some freeware or shareware downloaded from the Internet. On the other ways, it may come with a surprise attack if you open spam email attachments, share some corrupt files with others via 2P2 network, click some unknown links or Internet pop ups, visit some unfamiliar web sites even legitimated web sites that are hacked, browse some illegal contents, for example, porn and gamble, and so forth. Meanwhile, smartwebsearch may not come along. Hence, you may find other unwanted programs even Trojan horse, worm, malware, and etc. on the computer as well.

To take over your homepage and default search provider, smartwebsearch falsify your browser settings, along with some registry entries so that to run automatically whenever you open your Google chrome or other web browsers. It will appears as your homepage. It is not a illegitimate search engine, but a redirect virus that reroute your search results to random web pages that has no relation to your search queries. During your browsing process, it may keep showing lots of pop ups, which is really irritating.

On the other way, smartwebsearch  may gather and share information associated with your online habits to its advertising partners to show ads related to your interest. What is more, it allows the third access. Hence, cyber criminals may be able to remotely control the computer for vicious purposes, for example, capture private information stored on the computer, mess up files, drop more corrupt files and so on. It is wise to remove such a redirect virus when you find it.

Smartwebsearch ScreenShot

Command Symptoms Caused by Smartwebsearch

1) It modifies your web browser settings again your will.
2) It replaces your homepage and search engine.
3) It redirects your search results to unrelated web sites.
4) It may come along with or invite other computer threats.
5) It may show some irritating pop ups randomly.
6) It may monitor your online habits and transfer related information to the third party.
7) It may help cyber hackers to remotely control the computer for vicious purposes.

Instructions on Removing  Smartwebsearch:

Step 1- Reset your Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer -> click Tools -> choose Internet Options -> click Advanced -> choose Reset option -> click Yes to save the change.

Step 2- Disable all suspicious startup items

For Windows Xp: Click Start menu -> click Run -> type: msconfig in the Run box -> click Ok to open the System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items generated from
For Windows Vista or Windows7: click start menu->type msconfig in the search bar -> open System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items generated from

Step 3- Open the Registry Editor and delete all registry entries related to Smartwebsearch:

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settingsrandom
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon "Shell" = "[random].exe"

Step 4- Removing Smartwebsearch by installing Anti-Malware program SpyHunter 

1) Click the icon below to download Spyhunter freely inside.

2) Install Spyhunter Step by Step:

3) Start a full and quick scan with SpyHunter .

4) Remove detected threats.

smartwebsearch is a browser hijacker. Usually, it redirects your homepage to unreliable web pages when you install freeware. Once installed, it will cause a lot of inconvenience and becomes a reason of your headache. If you just neglect it, without taking any action, it will produce greater effect. So once you find smartwebsearch installing on your PC, you should remove it as soon as possible.

The above manual removal is quite dangerous and complicated. And it also needs sufficient professional skills. Therefore, manual removal is a risky job. If any mistakes are made in the process, you may damage your computer immediately. So I recommend you to download and install Anti-Malware program SpyHunter. It is easy, efficient and automatic. What’s more, it won’t damage your computer. It serves not only a role of removing the malware program, but also a role of protecting your computer from threats in the future.

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